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Ethernet Informational Articles

A collection of articles related to Ethernet technologies and services.

Ethernet Makes The LAN to WAN Connection Easy - Metro and Carrier Ethernet offer seemless connections from your company network to the outside world.

On-Net Buildings Offer Fiber Deals - The importance of locating in an office building that is on-net for fiber optic services and how to locate those facilities.

10 Gigabit Ethernet Connections for Enterprise Applications - For larger organizations or cutting edge applications, even 10GigE is not unreasonable WAN bandwidth.

Lower Gigabit Ethernet Prices Are Here - The move away from legacy telecom networks to IP networks combined with increased competition is making high bandwidth services more affordable.

Ethernet Point of Presence Locator - Discover nearby locations where fiber optic ethernet connections are already installed.

Ethernet As A T1 Line Replacement - If you have outgrown your T1 line but can't justify the cost of fiber installation, Ethernet over Copper services can be a cost effective solution.

Will Ethernet Replace DS3 Bandwidth? - If you are located in an area where Metro Ethernet service has been deployed, you may find Ethernet prices as low as half the cost of DS3 bandwidth.

FastE and GigE WAN Networks - Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet Wide Area Network connections are now within reach for many business users.

Ethernet VPLS Offers Virtual Private LAN Service - VPLS is a layer 2 WAN service that effectively extends your LAN to multiple business locations.

The Popularity of 10 Mbps Ethernet - Here's why 10 x 10 Mbps Ethernet service is one of the fastest growing bandwidth services.

How To Get Ethernet Internet Access - Ethernet Internet access for business locations offers high bandwidth at lower costs that other telecom solutions.

What Metro E Is All About - Metro Ethernet is a telecom service that can improve your network performance and save you money on WAN bandwidth.

Fiber Optic Service Deals Nearby - Check for fiber lit buildings near your business location to get a better deal on large amounts of bandwidth.

Ethernet Demand Almost Insatiable - Bandwidth intensive business applications are demanding faster speeds at affordable lease prices.

100 Mbps Ethernet For Business - Fast Ethernet at 100 Mbps is affordable and needed by many companies.

Get Metro E Price Reductions - Metropolitan Ethernet is available now, starting at about half what you’ll pay for similar legacy bandwidth.

Comparing Ethernet over Copper with Bonded T1 Lines - How two popular business bandwidth options compare for price and availability.

Gigabit Ethernet WAN Network Connection Benefits - GigE WAN network connections offer high bandwidth at reasonable prices.

Fiber Buildings For High Bandwidth - If you are looking for fiber optic services already installed, find a fiber building.

50 Mbps Ethernet vs DS3 - How Carrier Ethernet offers more bandwidth at less cost than DS3 connections.

Why 20x20 Ethernet Service? - Symmetrical 20 Mbps EoC bandwidth service is available over twisted pair copper wiring.

Fast E Takes Over From DS3 - Fast Ethernet at 100 Mbps is often the same or lower cost than legacy DS3 bandwidth services.

How To Find Fiber Lit Buildings - Quick and easy tool helps you find locations that are already provisioned for fiber optic bandwidth service.

Upgrade to 10 Gbps WAN Bandwidth - You have multiple service options for business bandwidths above the Gigabit level.

Ethernet Fiber Upgrades Made Easy - Ethernet over Fiber optical carrier bandwidth is now both flexible and cost effective.

E-Rate Discount Internet Access for Schools and Libraries - How schools and libraries can upgrade their Internet access speed at a substantial cost savings.

T1 to Ethernet Migration Made Easy - If you are running out of bandwidth on your T1 line, you’ll find Ethernet over Copper or Fiber attractive.

Why You Want a Fiber Lit Building - There is a wholesale move of businesses to fiber optic enabled offices, for good reason.

Business Internet Broadband Options - How to get the business Internet service you need from T1 lines to 10 Gbps fiber.

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Ethernet FAQ:

What does Convergence mean?
Convergence is the merging of voice, data and often video onto a single network. Most often that network is a company LAN with enough bandwidth to accommodate all users and QoS or Quality of Service control to ensure high quality voice and video transmissions.


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